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Health Coaching is about exploration, support, and accountability. Coaches ask powerful questions to explore their clients’ values and strengths. They support their clients as an ally, without judgment or criticism. They offer accountability by helping their clients develop actionable health goals and introduce a process for tracking and measuring them.

Health Coaches are agents of change!

A Health Coaches facilitate the process of change by:

  • Meeting with their clients (in person, virtually, or over the phone) to discuss goals, progress, and challenges
  • Helping clients understand their “why,” or their motivation for change
  • Empowering clients to see themselves as the experts on their own health and circumstances
  • Providing support and accountability for goal-setting
  • Using their broad knowledge of health and wellness to help their clients navigate through their health concerns

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I am a certified, professional health and wellness coach specializing in weight loss, stress management and mindful eating for the whole family. I have navigated my way through my own personal health journey, motherhood and launching a successful practice.

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